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I comme

Two songs of the most common despair

5 Avril 2014 , Rédigé par T.B. Publié dans #Poems


Free to go unless enthralled

I wanna go

Free to talk unless gagged

I like to talk

Free to vote if you have the right papers

I have to vote

Free to learn if you are lucky enough

I need-a know

I need-a know


Can’t tell what I feel
Things are creeping unseen
Never know what is real
Are we slaves or have we been


Don’t know what’s beneath my sight
Could the horizon be just one more lie?
So much is hidden, unspoken mind
Need some time need to clean those eyes of mine


Fed by the ads and mother television
Seems the world has come at home to dine
Meat tastes strange tonight can’t find out why
Guess I’m not quite well honey don’t you mind


Can’t see what’s beyond my life
Life: are you just another lost cause
Is there something like peace of mind?
Need some light need things to find


Just eat your meat you’ll grow up
Become a rich man have a sweet family
Future’s looking uneasy tonight cant’ tell why
Guess I’m not quite at ease mom don’t you worry


Remember the old times: young, never tired
Hands full of joy – no fear to be fired
Master of winds, captain of seas yet undiscovered
Mirror, tell me: who’s this old self blindfolded?


Almost forgot there’s a world outside my jolly screen
Almost believed what the chairmen told me
Almost became a king with chains at my pedicured feet
Almost thought knowledge and culture were lame


Can’t stop wondering – world’s so big, know so little
How did I spend my time – how could I be so idle
How come I didn’t see I was traitor to my very heart
Must have been unconscious; target for every which dart


Don’t understand nothing – who is to blame
Good seems so old-fashioned nowadays
God’s word seems so sullied nowadays
What’s hiding – is their light beyond the sun


Say: what can I do now?
Say: did we lost it all?
Hey – can it be saved somehow?
Hey – will they give us a second sun if we blow our old one?








O freedom ole dream

Where you been – how far you gone ?

Hade my time, fired my gun

Am I old already? Just wanna scream


Bought a house
Got a spouse
Bought a car
Never served in a war
Had my youth
Forgot to choose


Lived at ease
Lived in peace
Dodged the worse
Filled my purse
Increased my wealth
Lost my health


I prayed, I did
Had some kid
Raised ‘em well
Won’t go to hell
Just wish I would
Have done more good


Made my life
Loved my wife
Obeyed my boss
Kneeled before the cross
Sinned seldom
Hoped for a new kingdom


Home sweet home
Surely death will come
Have some regrets
Made some wrong bets
Had my youth
Forgot to choose







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