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New song for the coming of rêve-olution

28 Mars 2015 , Rédigé par T.B. Publié dans #Chansons, #Poems


Feel the torch of the evening skies
Flaming away down the new night
See the moon 'n men hung under paradise
Oh, honey don't you realise !

I'm not bent over my past :
Old actor rememberin' his first casts
Neither am I doin' things by halfs
Just feel all the time like an orphan calf

I've seen sea sun 'n bee hives
Know the world's big and beautiful
But hearken : Mr Economy's behaving like a fool
Exchangin' oil barrels 'gainst human lives

Light up the morning skies
Mr Sun sets his banner high
Come 'n play anthems with the songbirds
Hear the joy, laugh, nothing hurts

Merry the new day comes gazing by
Whether there's a smile bending my lips
Oh, honey don't you mind !
I won't forget kissing your hips

Just let me finish my litte red books
Yes, I'll satisfy you' languid looks
No, I'm not bent over the past
Only waitin' for October nights to come back fast

  ... at last


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